Mr. Yahui Ren
Co-founder and CEO
Presiding the overall work of REECH AUTO GROUP.

Mr. Zhonghou Liu
Vice-President, General Manager of  Jiangxi Reech Auto New Energy Vehicle, Co., Ltd. Representative of Quality Managers
Senior Manufacturing Experts Enjoying State Council Subsidies. Mr. Liu is in charge of manufacturing system at REECH AUTO GROUP.

Mr. Jianzhou Zhang
Mr. Zhang is in charge of purchasing system at REECH AUTO GROUP.

Mr. Chao He
Assistant President,President of  Intelligent Technology R&D Institute
Mr. He is in charge of vehicle networking and autopilot at REECH AUTO GROUP.

Dr. Fangsheng Ji
Vice-President(CTO), President of R&D Center, Representative of Intellectual Property Managers
Distinguished expert in the national “Thousand Talents Program”. Dr. Ji is in charge of product development at REECH AUTO GROUP.

Mr. Wei Wang
Mr. Wang is in charge of investment and financing management at REECH AUTO GROUP.

Mr. Zhe Ding
Assistant President, Director of Marketing Management Centre, General Manager of REECH Marketing Company
Mr. Ding is in charge of marketing system at REECH AUTO GROUP.